How to deal with difficult people

Are the takers of this world draining your energy? here are 3 simple steps to help you deal with the toxic people in your life.

  1. Be assertive without being angry - even if you feel like shouting back and mirroring their behaviour (believe me i know it is hard not to ) try being quiet but firm.  Say what you need to say and if you are challenged or abused, stick to the point you are trying to make in a calm way.  Dont accept any judgements of you. being assertive is a skill and takes practice.  Speak quietly and take your time
  2. Learn to set your boundaries - be clear where the line is and stick to it.  If you are in the habit of saying yes, hearing no can be a shock to some people and will result in confrontation.  Respect your own needs.When someone is angry with you for standing firm, use a neutral response "I am sorry you are feeling angry with me" NOT "I am sorry for making you angry" you didnt make them angry, they chose to be.
  3. Take charge of your own choices and situation - should someone be firing off at you in all directions, dont feel you need to do what they say or please them. Move away and focus on something else.  Say something like "Sorry you feel that way, but iv got to go i am running late"  This will result in you being in control, avoiding a battle, and not allowing yourself to be a victim.

Inspired by Tim Cantopher