I want to tell you about a really bad day I had 5 years ago.

I have been 4 years starting this blog.  Iv put it off so many times.  Initially  I refused to acknowledge the presence of cancer in my life  followed by not knowing where to start. So I am adopting the theory I use with everything,   WHY?  WHAT and HOW Well I want to share my unique experiences (some will make your toes curl for sure) but most important I seek to create awareness to the importance of listening to your body.  It deserves to be desired, nurtured.  It listens to you and acts upon your instructions.  You are your own creation and your body will communicate with you without a doubt if it is struggling.  So listen and act.  

Also genetics play a part in your well being.  The nature nurture expression - 50% your genes and 50% your environment.  I ignored the lot and paid the price.  Don't make the same mistake.  My blog will include some laughs as I always see the positive side of everything but as a summary my whole family except one has suffered cancer.  my parents had 4 girls and 1 boy.  The boy has been ok thank god but each of the girls including myself has suffered cancer 2 of which have passed in my presence.  To add to that my parents have also passed from it.  

This blog is about my experience and opinions on the choices you have to make.  Mainly around the diagnosis of myself and my 2 sisters within a month of each other and the passing of one of them.  My sister Pauline and myself feel  so lucky to be here.  It could have been any one of the three us who drew the short straw.  poor Anne for it to be her.  We are struggling immensely with her passing and have both agreed today that was the most terrifying part of this experience.

A bit about myself --  I live in north yorkshire with my family in a unique chocolate box cottage which is a tick off my bucket list (moved in June this year).  This blog is another check off the list.  

Attended Bradford university where I attained a psychology degree.  Over the years I have set up and run various therapy groups from eating disorders to depression and also promoted healthy living in underprivileged areas.  Changing career 15 years ago to work in medical sales Which I am very passionate about and in addition I give a little back voluntary 2 evenings a week at a hospice.   

I have come through cancer a much stronger positive person able to deal with any situation calmly, embracing and appreciating the more important things in life which I used to take for granted i.e friends, family, feeling the sunshine on my face, watching the sun rise, nature and just plain laughing and having fun.  😀 Please "like" this page !!!


The title of my next page is "the day that changed my life"...............