Prepare your children for the world

I was listening to a radio programme the other day.  Yes I know, what has happened to me? I actually listen to discussions.  It was giving valuable advice for parents preparing children for the future.  When my children were small and I needed advice,  I telephoned my sister.  I couldn't google it or text anyone.  I couldnt #dealingwithtantrums  or facebook "how to get my child to sleep at night when I have been at work all evening with sore eyes"  No - I had to go in cold using my imagination and say "go to sleep for god sake!" Today there is so much help out there and so many ways to find it.  I am sure many of us think that if we could go back and have another go we would do things differently but we did the best we could on the knowledge we had. 

Children are the future of the world and incredibly important to the existance of mankind.  They need to be taught to love themselves and that they are capable of life and love.  There has definitly been a paradigm shift in the way children are prepared for the world at school.  There has been a fundamental change in the approach to eduction and not before time, teaching them how to handle feelings and how to deal with situations.

A child is born with billions of unconnected brain cells.  By 18 months the cells are starting to connect i.e. taste, smell, touch, wants, needs.  At 7 years old all the cells are connected and locked in due to their experiences and what we have taught them about the world.  From 7 onwards they build on that with experiencs and the environment but their personality traits are firrmly locked in place.

We need to teach them the 3 Cs 

Consideration - We need to teach them to have consideration for others.  To act with integrity in order to be trustworthy.

Contentment - Teach children to be happy by spending quality time with them and not compensating quality time with material things.

Confidence - Children need to be taught to love who they are and beleive in themselves.

Give your child a hug and squidge any sign of sadness out of them - no matter what age they are