Anticipation Rules/Bucket list

I am squeezing a small sneaky one in before the post on nutrition.   Simply because, as you see on my previous page, I was lucky enough to be invited by my niece (still counts! Ha), who is a local radio presenter, onto her show to talk about Mission self-reset.  Boy was I buzzing.  To some of you, and you would be justified to say, so what! But for ME it was a big thing.  I was so very nervous.   I tripped as I was going in and spilt a full mug of coffee all over the upholstered chair.  I couldn’t help it – I felt I was on Oprah.  The main point I would like to get across to you is the level of anticipation and excitement this gave me.  I just loved the experience and because I was so nervous, the sense of achievement was immense.

I will start by saying if you find something that you enjoy doing and that energises you, believe in yourself, talk to yourself and tell yourself you are good enough and smart enough to succeed.  Don’t forget your sub-conscious mind only believes what your conscious mind tells it.  Your sub-conscious mind tells YOU how to feel.  It makes no decisions alone, it only does what your conscious mind tells it to do or think.  Weird isn’t it but it is true.

Have you sat down lately and asked yourself if you are happy with your life and you know the direction it is going.  To be honest with you I am generally happy – there are a few changes I need to make.  I know that, so I keep that in mind and try not to let it cloud my zest for fun and love for the small things.  However amongst all of that I have an appetite for anticipation lately.  I always want events and holidays in the diary to look forward to.  I have a bucket list and I have a vision.  That is something I didn’t have in my 5 years on “death Row”.  I took one day at a time.  Now I am on parole ha ha!! I have quite a few visions for the future of what I would like to experience and achieve.  They are personal to me as yours should be to you.  What I am trying to say is my appetite for anticipation and fun is growing massively.

So let us get back to the question about if you are happy.  You need to be honest with yourself.   Just take a moment to question yourself.  Maybe as you come along the journey you will find a way to discover the answers.

Happiness in my opinion is just being content in the moment.  Happiness is not jumping and shouting from the rooftops constantly.  No – happiness can actually be quite boring as it means things are decent and that is what we all want, me included – however I also like to add a little spice of anticipation.  I get excited about most things – my little moo moo (my grandson), hot weather, snow, Christmas , especially Christmas, going away anywhere, car kareoke, shopping, the list is endless.  You want to create anticipation?  Here is where to start.

  • Create a bucket list – keep it small because when it is complete do another one.  Keep it simple.  If you want to succeed in anything KEEP IT SIMPLE.  If you get caught up in complication you won’t get anything done. That way you will be constantly ticking them off and doing the things you love and you will experience anticipation doing it.  Choose things that will excite you so you will feel anticipation beforehand.  Don’t be picky.  One of mine was to do tequila shots.  I did them on a works conference it was great.  Thanks Donna and Mike! My blog was another.  Pick things that mean something to you!

  • Choose one item on the list and start right now.  Once you start, your anticipation will grow and grow and you will love it.  The simpler it is the sooner you will be ready to pick your next one.  Keep going!!  This will create a lifelong series of events that will drive your anticipation.  This will keep your life fun and exciting.  Less is more – keep it simple and achievable.  I am a sad list person ha! And when you start to achieve your goals you can feel the shot of adrenalin.    I look forward to hearing about your first achievements!!!