No Fear, No Surprise, No Hesitation, No Doubt

No Fear, No Surprise, No Hesitation, No Doubt

This comes from a 17th century samurai warrior.  It was his 4 point key to successful living

No Fear – You may think this is unrealistic and in my world sometimes it is but according to the warrior there should be nothing in this world you fear.  If there is, you need to work on it and overcome it.  A very small example - I have had a common fear for a lot of years –the dreaded spider.  It really started to bother me so much that every year when September came around, I knew the spider would be making an unwanted appearance.  A couple of years ago after an embarrassing showdown I knew I had to tackle my fear.  I began to rationalise it in my thoughts.  Without making a song and dance about it, I eventually reached a point where I now pick them up with my hands and put them outside.  You have no idea how empowered I feel ha.   You get the point! A book I read many years ago and gave to numerous people for Christmas and birthdays was “feel the fear and do it anyway” by Susan Jeffers. She believes that FEAR is stopping you from being the person you want to be and living the life the way you want to live it.  Fear of change, fear of taking control, fear of tacking a problem at work or at home. When in actual fact all fear is, is you feeling you won’t be able to handle the situation or the consequence.  You will and you can.

No Surprise

Life seems to be full of surprises don’t you think?  You mosey along feeling all is ok when suddenly life throws a curve ball at you, knocking you into the middle of next week, leaving you in a state of shock.  If you look carefully at the situation, the clues were there.  So why are we so surprised? Is it because we are half asleep most of the time?  Be self-aware. Wake up and don’t let anything sneak up on you.

No Hesitation

Look at the pros and the cons and then just go for it.  You snooze you lose!  If you spend too long thinking about it, the opportunity will pass.  Look at the options, make a choice, make a decision and go for it.   The secret is - don’t wait around for others to make your mind up for you.  Don’t hesitate – if it feels right, throw yourself into it and enjoy the ride.

No Doubt

Once you have made your mind up, accept it and don’t keep going over it.  If you over think it, you won’t enjoy it.  Tomorrow will come, that is a certainty.  That is life.  Be confident, committed and sure of yourself.  Once you are committed then follow your plan through with passion. By not doubting your decision, there will be no doubt you will succeed.  Trust your judgement.