a true story of love loss and survival / update

Hello to my readers

Finally I finished my book and it is available from Amazon.  I just wanted to update you on 1. the progress 2. How I feel about it 3. What next

1. Well it is was published on 30th December and I am very pleased with the response so far in terms of sales but more importanlty feedback via reviews and emails.  So Thank you!!!

2. I feel alot of things really - very proud - fulfilled - cleansed of things that have been bottled up inside.  The main reason it took me so long to write was because some of the content regarding my sisters was very painful to relive.  However I know i have done them proud and that pulls me closer to them where ever they may be.

3. Next for me in terms of my writing is to market the book - begin to write the follow up books on mission self reset and to blog for feedback on the areas of self improvement I would like to focus on so I can share and help others acheive their full potential.

I will sign off now but will be writing very soon on self awareness.