Mission self reset


19. Jul, 2017

Mission Self Reset

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Here is the dawn of the next chapter in my life - mission self reset.  I am starting a whole new phase of blogs. First I will tell you why and second how it will differ from the previous pages.

WHY- Everything we do in life should always start with the WHY.  What is my motivation for doing this movin forward?  Keeping it very simple, this page is just an introduction to what my intentions are.  I am not going to lie - part of my motivation to do this is as a building block to launching my book which is a massive part of my life at the moment.  My life seems to be so busy, squeezing endless priorities into every minute.  My career is something I value immensely, therefore other priorities have to fit into a small window of time, hence my morning routine begins at 5.30 to 6am.  Are you crazy ! is probably the reaction of most but in order to fit into my day what needs to be achieved, dragging myself out of bed at that time is a must.  There is a chapter in the book on the miracle morning. Believe me it has not been easy. In fact, creating the habit of the early rise has been one of the hardest for me.  Not because I am lazy but the cancer left me with fatigue that crippled me in the mornings.  As time passed it has eased somewhat but it is a side effect of chemotherapy.  Rising early enables me to write for at least an hour some mornings, although I have to admit not every day.  lets be honest here, I am not a professional writer. My grammar leaves a lot to be desired and I don't plan what I am saying.  I just sit down and write.  It really is therapeutic.  Also concentration is an issue for me.  That's why it takes me so dam long to finish things but I get there in the end. Most things I start are completed eventually.  


Moving forward it is going to differ from the previous blogs. Each blog will be a topic that  I intend to focus on in the book.  Also interaction and feedback from you will be crutial to the finished article and any comments would be valued immensly.

I am just a normal woman who has been through some stuff in my life which has made me strong and resilient. Writing about how I have dealt with stuff motivates and energises me to move towards being the best person I can be.  We are all familiar with certain motivational techniques but it is about re-awakening some of those techniques.

Yes it sounds a bit woo woo but you will get into the subjects - they will range from bullying to how to drag yourself out of bed in the morning to creating good habits and breaking bad ones -   Lets see how it goes!!

For whatever reason, at the beginning of the year I found mysef in a pit of despair.  Somehow I  have managed to clawed my way back up to a reasonable state of normality.  I am only half way there and writing helps me understand myself.  It puts things into place in order for me to work towards my goals. It has been very difficult for me at times,  where I have had alot of questions about myself that were difficult to answer. My closest friend would certainly back me up on that one.  I dont think I would have survived without her - So thank you.  At times, just as the day to day feeling of calm and normality became my buddy, I would feel like I had been hit by a train.  Honestly I could write a book !!! ha ha.  I have noticed changes in my behaviour which makes me feel empowered.  For instance,  without realising it, I have changed how I make my decisions.  In the past,  before I  made a decision, I would think firstly how it would affect others but now my priority is how it would affect me.  This may seem insignificant to some people but it has improved the way I feel about myself and has given me back control. Obviously, it is important to consider how your decisions will affect people but priority has to be how they will affect you. 

My voluntary work at the Hospice has had to come to an end, soon after it started really.  It was fullfilling and gave me a sense of purpose.  I really got so much out of helping on the wards but because my immune system was low, I was picking up bugs one after the other so unfortunately It was not working for me - I may revisit it at a later date.

Another project going on for me at the moment are my Breast Cancer Support Groups.  They are only just getting off the ground but hopefully they will progress and continue to help and support others.

Anyway,  there have been certain proceedures and thought patterns I worked tirelessly on within myself and not shared with anyone - and thankfully they have made such a difference.  These are the ideas I  would like to share with you and if you find them interesting and worth trying then mission accomplished !!!

The first blog page is going to be titled "who are you when no one is watching"

It will be with you shortly.





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