Is there something you want to do but just can’t find the time to do it?

Stop procrastinating

Is there something you want to do but just can’t get around to finding the time?

I want to talk about this topic because procrastinating used to be my middle name.  Not so long ago either. Somehow I have managed to create a habit of “just get on with it” “just sort it now” “If possible deal with emails as you read them” I used to plan the chuff out of everything.  I would spend so much time planning I would run out of time in the day to actually do anything and I am not even joking!!!

Life is too short – It is time to walk the talk peeps

I know this sounds weird but it is like an itch that you just cannot scratch.  Writing was my itch –writing my blog – now my book.  When I am writing it is like scratching my itch.  What is your itch?  What is it you want to do that is going to energise you?  Now is a good time to do it!! Do you know why? BECAUSE YOU CAN!

Here is how:

  • The world as it is today makes it possible to fulfil our dreams and ideas. Such a contrast to when I was in my teens – early 20s.  Whatever you want to know is instantly accessible.  You can find out the information you need in a second on google. Also connect with people who can help you.

  • I read in a book once – 60 years ago a man wouldn’t go to work without a hat on – 10 years ago they stopped wearing ties.  Now you don’t have to go into work to go to work…. So who knows what people are wearing, but the point is who cares?!  The world is changing constantly and technology is allowing us, like I said earlier, to accomplish more in life that we desire.

  • Tick Tock – one thing technology hasn’t changed is “you won’t live forever” We are living longer – so all the more reason to do things you enjoy.  Be it something simple like going to the gym, learning another language, finding another job or something more life changing – there is no time like the present to start making changes.


Write down the one thing that you want to do that would make a difference to you being happy.  Keep it simple and focused.

How do you know if scratching your itch will make you happy??

In a previous post of mine I mentioned Abraham Maslow but didn’t really explain what his theory was.  He was a psychologist who argued that if you pursue what you are passionate about, it will make you happy because it fulfils your “highest needs”

He believes a human being is driven by 5 categories of needs

The link below will take you to the pyramid of needs

from bottom to top:


•Physiological - Air Food Water Sleep
•Security - Job Home Health
•Love/belonging - Friends love Tribes
•Reputation/self esteem- Money power status
•Self actualization - Be the best person you can be


Money will generally help you satisfy some of these needs but not all of them and most probably not the one that will make you the best person you can be.


What is your itch?

Start Scratching today!!!