I couldn't believe P Diddy was spinning the tunes

1 month later I was back to see the surgeon for the pins taking out of my arm. It was an enormous  relief as the pain they caused was unbearable.  The surgery went to plan and 2 weeks after that was my follow up appointment. I remember it as clear as day.  It was the day before David and I were going on a trip with his work.  At the time David was a Dealer Principle for 2 Porsche dealerships and  a Ferrari/Maserati/Lotus  dealership - big job big money massive pressure anyway that's another story.  The trip was .... Wait for it..... VIP guests at the Ferrari stand at the Grand Prix Monaco!!!!!  I look back now and think WTF but then I didn't realise what a fantastic opportunity this was. Anyway I was having my follow up appointment with Dr Dreamy.  He gathered all his registrars and nurses around to see the fantastic results with the skin on my ankle and told them in envy where I was going the next day.

The rationality for David and myself embarking on this trip was to host 4 other couples (Ferarri owners) who had paid thousands for the privilege.  The other couples were lovely - I am still close friends with one of the wives.  2 couples our age one of which an Indian couple and the rest a little older.  We all immediately bonded and began to have a lot of fun laughing, taking the piss, drinking and shopping.  The first evening we went to the casino and to the bars on the strip - they were packed with the racing drivers and crew and tv presenters.  Honestly words do not do it justice as to how fantastic the atmosphere was.  Dancing outside the bars, champagne flowing like it was water.  In one of the bars there were wooden tables and in a split second us girls were pulled up onto the tables to dance.  The Indian girl was soo funny. The heat was stifling and the atmosphere electric - packed to the brim with money yet all class destroyed - we were dancing to  - wait for it - I'm a believer by the monkeys, still on the table top, I glanced across the room above all the heads of the non table dancers and spotted a female drag a guy by the hand into the loo.  I mean it was carnage. The Indian girl was hell bent on loosing her husband accidentally on purpose.  "I can't" I told her "David will kill me". I looked across the room to David and yes he was piercing me with his eyes as if to say behave yourself!!!   The night was fun and amazing and the next day in my opinion boring watching the racing so the Indian girl, the tennis player and myself explored, mingled And shopped.  They were really good fun to be with.  

The tennis player mentioned that a guy who she was close with at university was now a film producer and he was at the Cannes film festival.  She had spoken to him and he could get us into Niomi Campbell,s birthday party on the beach.  Yeah right I thought - how shocked was I because it was true.  The next night we all went into Cannes, it was amazing and yes we did get into the party and P Diddy was the Dj. It was nothing short of amazing and incredibly exciting.  We didn't see Niomi there but did see her the next evening.  I could really elaborate on the events but trying to keep it brief.  

The next evening was interesting to say the least - you can see in the picture i have attached, the film producer.  Well,  apparently he was having a party on a yacht and the tennis player and Indian girl were hell bent on attending but we didn't have an invite.  The ploy was ME.  He had taken a liking to me so they decided I had to work him to get us all an invite. "You will have to OK it with David" I said with trepidation.  He wasn't too happy but agreed to me just chatting to him and trying to get us an invite.  WELL -  believe me I tried and as the night went on I got sick of trying. There was no way he was letting us on - so we shook him off and walked to the club.

The streets were crowded with crazy individuals moving In all directions.  Some in party gear with all the glitz and othes in ripped jeans and pumps but still looking awesome. 

We arrived at what looked like the place to be and positioned ourselves discreetly and orderly in the queue.  After Waiting patiently and chatting, the doorman began to allow the queue to enter, inspecting each individual as they passed him.  we had no idea at the time but the doorman stopped the rest of the group entering and had only let the Indian girl an myself in.  To cut a long story short a glass of champagne was thrust into my hand by none other than Amanda Holden - she smiled at me so sweetly I'll never forget - my head was in a whirle I couldn't comprehend what was happening "we've made it" screeched the Indian girl "no" I replied with anxiety "what about the others?"  "Jane, please just let's enjoy it". At that moment I glanced to the window where the others were (the whole of the front of the club was a window) I could just make out what David was saying "get your fucking arse out here Jane". Who could blame him, we were the hosts.  "I'm leaving" I had to say through gritted teeth. She reluctantly followed me and as we passed the ladies loo,  Niomi  Cambell came rushing out almost tripping over me.  grabbing my hand she pulled me into the men's and asked me to hold the toilet door while she had a pee.  Of course I obliged and when she had done smacked a kiss on my cheek and said thank you.  

We joined the rest of the group and the trip continued to be exciting.  I know it sounds unbelievable but it's gods truth and amazing to recall the memories.  It's wonderful to be able to share them with you. 

It felt surreal laid on my hospital bed feeling like shit, looking like shit, reminiscing on carefree times like this.

Me and the film producer

Me, the Indian girl and the producer